10 little things you can do today to help the environment

1. Don’t use plastic bags ⁣🛍️2. Always recycle glass3. Reduce, reuse, recycle⁣ ♻️4. Conserve water 💧⁣5. Shorten your shower time 🚿⁣6. Compost your waste 🗑️⁣7. Eat less packaged foods 🥡⁣8. Switch to online bills ⁣9. Be car-conscious 🚗⁣10. Switch off your computers during breaks 🖥️⁣

I am anxious about returning to work

  Nervous about returning to work? Uncertainty and unpredictability can cause feelings of fear and anxiety. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce your anxiety.⁣⁣1️⃣ Maintain physical distance with your colleagues⁣2️⃣ Take regular breaks from your desk, walk outside if possible.⁣3️⃣ Learn some deep breathing techniques⁣4️⃣ Learn some stretching exercises that you can do at …

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