Increase Employee Productivity with Wellness Webinars

How to Increase Employee Productivity with Wellness Webinars

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Employee engagement appears to be the most recent buzzword when it comes to taking care of the health and well-being of employees within an organisation. In basic English, enhancing the relationship between employees and the company they work for is what is meant by employee engagement. Today’s workers want more than just to come up, do their jobs, and go home; they want to be enthused about what they do and feel a sense of belonging to and value the bonding from their colleagues.

How can a company ensure that its staff members are motivated to work to their maximum potential?

Organisations consider many employee engagement strategies, but this post will focus on the top wellness webinars that can boost morale, reduce stress and anxiety, cut down on sick days, and boost productivity.

“A happy workforce is a productive workforce,” goes an adage.

The Top 10 Wellness Webinars and Ideas for Your Employees

Wellness Webinars and Ideas for Your Employees
Offering excellent webinars on workplace wellness and employee experience throughout the year remained a constant in a time of ambiguity and transition. To produce thoughtful, educational, and entertaining webinar content, Engage Life partnered with experts from across the industry. Topics covered in these webinars ranged from a deep dive into trending subjects like burnout, the future of work, and well-being myths to interactive webinars reviving and activating your employee experience. Here is the top 10 wellness webinar ideas for your employees to boost their productivity:


You may believe you understand what HIIT is, its advantages, and the optimal duration and intensity, but the truth usually lies somewhere in between. In this webinar, the employees will learn what you don’t know that you don’t know. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most preferred kind of exercise. HIIT is a form of cardio exercise done in short, intense bursts that aim to work your muscles while spiking up your heart rate

This webinar will address the elements of designing safe and efficient HIIT workouts for your employee in addition to providing up-to-date scientific information about the benefits of HIIT.

Participants will pick up:

  • What is HIIT in reality?
  • What physical advantages can HIIT offer?
  • How can your company implement a HIIT programme?
  • What timing and level of intensity work best for weekly HIIT sessions?
  • What additional elements (nutrition, sleep, stress) affect the effectiveness of HIIT training?

Healthy Cooking at Home

Given that everyone’s attention is currently focused on their health, you may assist your employees in a valuable and practical way. In this entertaining online webinar, a certified chef will offer your employees advice on healthy eating and cooking demonstrations at home.

Even if their only experience with cooking is boiling eggs, your employee will learn the fundamentals of nutrition as well as how to prepare quick, inexpensive, and healthy meals at home! This webinar is a fantastic approach to delight your staff with a lighthearted and unique exercise that will significantly improve their quality of life.

The pandemic has caused many people to turn to comfort food. Because of boredom and tension, people have been known to delve into their favourite food cabinet for a covert snack. A webinar for encouraging people to change their eating habits is mindfulness. Giving your employee the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their health objectives can be accomplished through a virtual webinar that introduces the idea of mindful eating.


Why not schedule a yoga class if you want your employees to try out some enjoyable exercises they can do from their comfort? This session is open to anyone of any age and fitness ability; no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing, which helps boost physical and mental well-being. The main components of yoga are postures, breathing and relaxation. The teacher will demonstrate mindful movement as well as some basic stretches you may perform in a chair at home to help wake up your body and mind each morning. Companies that want to help their employees with some health activities during meetings will benefit from taking this webinar.


Bollyfit is a rigorous yet enjoyable workout that combines cardio and aerobic dance exercises with Bollywood music at a speed of 200 beats per minute. Bollyfit webinars can help your employee to be energetic and have an energetic body while they work out while grooving to some Hindi-Bollywood music. Bollyfit includes a demanding workout that helps you slim down, get more agile, and tone your body.

One of the critical components of this workout, which is frequently referred to as dance aerobics, is Bollywood cardio, which combines high-intensity motions with low-impact ones to provide cardio for all fitness levels. The exercises in this Bollyfit webinar help your employee relax while listening to upbeat Bollywood music that encourages them to stretch and deepen their muscles. Additionally, it enables you to boost your stamina and corrects your breathing.

Home & Office Ergonomics

A live, personalised 45 minutes–1-hour webinar teaches your employee the fundamentals of office ergonomics and walks them through setting up their desks in a typical office or home scenario. Our ergonomics webinar features interactive activities, suggestions for original remedies for everyday aches and pains, and the most recent analysis of how the workplace environment affects productivity.

A Q&A session with the ergonomics expert will be available at the conclusion. A planning call is necessary for this service to be customised for your unique needs. It is possible to record webinars for later use.

Road towards Continuous Improvement

Striving for continuous improvement may not always be the easiest thing to do, but definitely vital in the world we live in now.

The advantages of discovering wellness for continuous improvement in terms of science are astounding. According to a Harvard study, discovering wellness offers numerous scientifically proven health advantages, such as lowering stress levels and alleviating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

It makes financial sense to invest in the well-being of your employee. To support your team, adding virtual or physical discovering wellness activities for groups makes sense. There aren’t any prerequisites for this webinar, including a mat, equipment, candles, or crystals. To make the session more enjoyable, merely bring your team an open mind and perhaps a comfortable chair.
Key points you’ll get during this session:

  • The Golden rule of Kaizen
  • Success= Easier + Better + Faster + Cheaper
  • A Better You Roadmap

Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression in The New Norm

We sometimes feel anxious or sometimes depressed when we face problems or worries. Anxiety or depressive disorders however involve more than just temporary worry or sadness. For some, it does not go away and can even get worse. Here is where you will learn more about what anxiety and depression actually is and how you can deal with it.

You may not be aware, but self-care can increase productivity. Small self-care gestures can significantly impact how well we function at work. Consider what your company might profit from if your crew knows the advantages.

The benefits of self-care extend to your employees as well as to your business. Providing your team with helpful self-care advice may improve their mental well-being and manage their stress levels. Employees can use this webinar to enhance their well-being, reduce stress, and foster good mental health.


Using a breathwork webinar is one of the most acceptable ways to achieve wellness among employees. This webinar can be accomplished by requesting your staff members begin each day with breathwork or by offering them programmes that incorporate mindfulness. They can start their workday with a laid-back attitude and maintain their composure throughout the day, despite the demands of their jobs.

Breathwork webinars can significantly improve workplace relationships by promoting positivity and open communication among coworkers. It can shield a person from unfavourable thoughts. The twenty-first-century workforce must also strengthen healthy workplace culture and the environment by implementing well-being practices.

Time Management


Have you ever wondered how some people have enough time to do everything they want while others always rush from one task to the next, never finishing anything?

Stop worrying if your employees are juggling a million tasks, deadlines, and demands, all of which are screaming for their attention and focus. Instead, spend an hour learning new strategies you can use immediately to increase your productivity.

Time management is the ability to use your time productively and efficiently. It sounds simple, but in practice, it is much more difficult.


If you haven’t tried leading a meditation session for your staff, this is the ideal moment to do so. After all, what better means of communication with a remote workforce under post-lockdown than a workshop to aid with stress management?

Many workers who have previously participated in similar sessions have embraced the chance to do so again. The sessions have been peaceful, engaging, and very helpful to them. A trained meditation teacher will lead each online meditation session.

Benefits of Wellness Webinars

Book Your Wellness Webinars Now
Benefits of Wellness Webinars
Here are some of the factors that have contributed to the mainstreaming of wellness webinars and activities.

  • Using wellness practices and stress management strategies, an employee can support a variety of physical problems like chronic pain, which could save health care expenditures for your business.
  • Estimates that 12.4 billion workdays are lost annually due to mental health concerns, which are rising.
    Virtual classes are an excellent approach to unite people with a shared objective as workplaces become more distributed and international.
  • By showing your workforce that your organisation cares about investing in their welfare, supportive practices can help you enhance worker retention.
  • Well-being classes are an excellent way to help your employees deal with the stresses of the job because modern life is stressful, and a busy job can make it even worse.
  • Meditation and other techniques can aid your staff in problem-solving.
  • Ability to assist in contentious situations, such as consumer complaints

With such a wide range of advantages, offering wellness programmes to your staff should go beyond being a choice. By coming up with novel wellness concepts, you can contribute to integrating support for well-being into your long-term HR plan.

5 Tips on How to Get Started With Wellness Webinars in Your Own Company

Benefits of Wellness Webinars

Take an Employee Survey

High participation is one of the most crucial elements of a successful employee wellness programme. Asking your staff about their struggles and the resources that would be most helpful to them is a terrific method to be sure of this. In this manner, you can be confident that the webinars are relevant and will see much participation when they are presented.

Engage the Leadership

It is crucial for managers and senior leadership to be involved in the wellness programme. First, it conveys that taking time for oneself during work hours—whether for a lunchtime workout or a webinar—is acceptable. Second, it contributes to the integration of wellness into business culture. Direct reports are far more likely to participate in a wellness webinar when their manager or boss.

Offer Continuous Programming

Businesses will occasionally offer a wellness programme to tick a box. A “one and done” approach to wellness lets a business check a box, but it doesn’t genuinely improve the employees’ health. It is clear that going to the gym only once has little impact on an individual’s overall health; regularity is the key. The same is true of employee wellness initiatives. We would recommend combining various options so that there is something for everyone.

Develop A Strong Promotional Plan

Companies should ensure that every employee is aware of all new employee wellness initiatives that are being rolled out for employees. To accomplish this, we must have a strategy for successfully promoting the well-being programme.

Make Sure There Are Rewards For Participation

Last but not least, companies are constantly advised to offer rewards for engagement. For those who attend in person activations, our lunch and learns include a goody bag, and for our wellness challenges, the participants and teams with the top weekly scores receive gift cards, discount vouchers or even smart watches and hotel stays. If you want your incentives to have the greatest possible effect, “you should first talk to some of your staff about their motivation. You’ll have a far higher chance of finding the appropriate rewards if you do it this way.

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Wellness webinars are enjoyable, well-liked, and beneficial to your and your staff’s health. It makes sense that many prestigious firms are beginning to add suggestions for health workshops to their monthly schedule.

The organisation of virtual or physical webinars and classes for your workforce is hassle-free, unlike in-person training, summits, and webinars. You may make them into virtual wellness, health fairs, or other events.

Contact Engage Life to get things started. Let us know about the type of webinars that interest you and the size of your team. We are here to help you.

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