Employee Engagement In The Era of Coronavirus

At a time like this, the world is battling anxiety and uncertainty, and it’s a period of stress for businesses everywhere. Coronavirus has united us to battle the pandemic as one team.

Forced into quarantine and isolation, can working from home be the next game-changer for the corporate world? Maybe.

But, how can you keep your employees engaged during this stressful period?

  1. Gamified learning
    Bust myths and reveal some much-needed facts on COVID-19 with a quick interactive game that engage them via mobile as well. Webinars and expert talks work well too.

  2. Success all the way
    Each of your employees is an opportunity waiting to happen in a time like this. Make the most of it by sharing inspiring stories, case studies, and positive outcomes of this pandemic, and watch them imbibe a collaborative strength to battle this like one big team!

  3. Connect with everyone
    A medium like a private company radio is the perfect solution to connecting employees across the country, discussing concerns regarding COVID-19, reassuring all your teams and lightening the mood on a daily basis.

  4. Making mobile the norm
    When your workforce is at home, your best bet to stick around is through mobile. Chart out a plan for employee development, upskilling, stress-busting, or unwinding, using digital games and interactive communication models.

  5. Values take centre stage
    Reinforcing the company’s values at a time like this can bring your workforce together like magic. Bring them to the forefront with various digital campaigns and keep employees engaged at the same time.

  6. Digital wellness
    The physical wellness of your employees may not be in your hands as much as their mental wellness is. Help them identify the gaps each of them are required to fill as individuals to look after their well-being in this critical time.

  7. Employees are family
    And their families are counting on you to assure them of the safety of their loved ones. Treating your employees as family, building bonds of trust, empowering them with confidence is the ideal way to go.

  8. After the chaos
    Planning ahead of time always proves beneficial and it will for coronavirus as well. Communicate your post-pandemic strategy to maintain focus on a positive, stable, recovered future.

  9. Remote work trends
    Keep up with the newest and latest ideas making the rounds in the corporate world. You never what might add to the work-from-home efficiency of your employees!

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